I managed to visit St Peter & St Paul’s Church in Watlington, Norfolk, last Saturday in the late afternoon, there was a light on, so I knock the door and it opened.  A nice gentleman was preparing the church for Sunday service and said I could take photos and have a look around the church, while he finished his preparations.  While exploring, I asked if there was any graffiti, the answer was….. well there are some marks where the Bell-ringers have stood for the last couple of hundred years and left their initials  ….and sure enough there was 🙂

November 2014

3 Replies to “Bell-ringer’s Graffiti”

  1. Wow, great find, Lynne! Love this. When you think of all the occasions that they stood there, probably in the freezing cold, and for all the different reasons – amazing! That’s what history is all about.

    1. I know, it was a wonderful find and it was the way he just said…..well we got this and I thought to my self whoopee treasure. I think in future, I will have to look closer at the towers 🙂

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