The Restaurant of Andechs Monastery, Bavaria in Germany

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While we were in Bavaria, Germany last week, we had an evening meal at Andechs Monastery Restaurant, about an hours drive from Landsberg am Lech.  The monastery makes its own beer and has done for centuries, since 1455.   With your meal you sample each beer they make…… favourite was the first one, the mildest, my husband with a twist of his arm finished the rest for me.   Next time we visit, hopefully we will see the Monastery itself, but not really a lot to see in the dark, and we also missed seeing the most gorgeous view of all of Upper Bavaria from the restaurant’s garden……..just means we have to return next year.

November 2014

2 Replies to “The Restaurant of Andechs Monastery, Bavaria in Germany”

    1. LOL….me too, thats why Steve had to drink it, its seemed a waste otherwise….he was fine….for once he didn’t have to drive. They turn the snow on the 1st of Dec, you can turn it off if you don’t want it….but I love it, it makes it all Christmassy and I do like a theme 🙂

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