Christmas Windows – Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany


Just some of the many Christmas windows we saw on our visit to Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Bavaria, Germany.

November 2013


    1. Oh it was great fun……. the miniature kitchen is just as it is, the Germans love their doll houses and made some beautiful antique ones. They also liked to make just one room settings and this kitchen is really perfect in its detail 🙂

  1. oooooh ~ I feel like squealing and jumping up and down! How nostalgic it all is for me. I think my most magical and favorite Christmases were spent in Germany. I had some wonderful miniature toys my mother bought us there for small size dolls (the first time we lived there) When we returned years later in my late teens , early 20’s I loved shopping at Christmas there despite having little money back then~ just window shopping and the magical feeling and atmosphere everywhere was more than enough to make you happy. Thank you for sharing these ~ you pulled out all the stops with this post! x

    1. I though you might like the shopping trip, its quite true you do not need to spend loads to make you happy, I was just really happy to look at all the beautiful shops. Glad it bought some happy memories 😀

    1. The houses are wonderful, I have a Christmas village that I make up each year and I have several Germany houses that I have bought back over the years. This year I bought two of the lovely medieval towers and have made my own mini Rothenburg, as it I have nothing else to do LOL 🙂

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