Hyde Park, London Winter Wonderland 2014

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We have beautiful sunshine, and blue skies here in Norfolk today, after two days of wind and storm conditions, but I’m laid up with a bad back.  I bent over to pick something up on New Years Eve and thats where I stayed.  Never mind it is easing a little, and it gives me a chance to sort photos out that I took over Christmas.  As I keep to the 12 days of Christmas, I have a few more days to finish them off, but I did think I had posted about our visit to London’s Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.  I know I posted some odd ones, but this is the main post……if you want to forget about Christmas, sorry, but I’m enjoying the last few days left 🙂

November 2014

9 Replies to “Hyde Park, London Winter Wonderland 2014”

    1. I was so angry with myself, as it meant we couldn’t go out New Years Day to explore and I had some places I had planed to visit. Neve mind they will have to wait, did you see the big post of St Benet’s Abbey, I did it the day after I posted the one photo of it, not sure if you missed it 🙂
      Hope your New Year has stared better and wishing good wishes for the rest of the year 😀

      1. Just playing catch-up now Lynne, opened lots of your posts but not necessarily in the right order!! 🙂 I hope you are resting a little bit but it must be frustrating. Not great weather for exploring here – we’ve had gales, rain and snow already today. Still, I’m planning an outing for next week on my birthday, weather permitting!

      2. Hope you have a lovely weather for you Birthday and Birthday Wishes for the day. I will look forward to the photos I am sure it will be somewhere nice 🙂 We have had sun and blue skies, but really windy, but no snow yet, although its cold enough:)

  1. That must be one very confused squirrel! What a lot they have going on there. Backs sure are tricky things. Hope it’s better soon.

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