Door Graffiti, All Saints Church, Thornham, Norfolk

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 I am updating my categories while I am sorting through photos this year, and found this one piece of graffiti, that I found back in May 2013, in All Saints Church, Thornham in Norfolk.  It was on the back of the door……. I + R 1757, I just find them fascinating 🙂


6 Replies to “Door Graffiti, All Saints Church, Thornham, Norfolk”

  1. I’m glad you find them fascinating because I do to. I had no idea this graffiti existed before I found your blog. That old wood is so beautiful.

    1. Thank you Pat, you have made my day…… the fact that you have found something out through me is wonderful. I am so glad you like them, I have started to look more when I visit places now… hopefully there will be some more 🙂

      1. I’m learning lots from you! Do you remember I asked about the carvings on the pew ends? I was trying to find more information on them and found a book on misericords. It has lots of wonderful pictures!

  2. Nice! There’s a story there somewhere! Was it someone about to get married or someone who carved their names on the church door because they couldn’t afford to do so?

    1. Oh thats a lovely idea, could be, they could not have done it when there was anyone around. People used to get married in the church porch, so maybe as you say, they could not afford to and carved their names in the hope to make it right 🙂

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