The Norman Font of St Margaret’s Church, Burnham Norton, Norfolk

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St Margaret’s Church in Burnham Norton, Norfolk, has the wow factor, first it has a round tower, also a medieval rood screen and a wonderful medieval painted wineglass pulpit (which I have posted about), and to top it all a…… Norman Font and a good one at that.  The font is one of a series of Norman fonts in North West Norfolk.  They are about three feet square, set on four legs, some also have a central column as this one does.  Unlike some of the fonts, this one does not have figure carvings, but each face of the bowl has a different pattern.  Around the font is a carpet completed in 1993 by members of the congregation, containing some 170,000 cross stitches.

December 2014


4 Replies to “The Norman Font of St Margaret’s Church, Burnham Norton, Norfolk”

    1. I did wonder if Nelson had been baptised here as his father was vicar for many years, but Nelson was born at Burnham Thorpe when his father was vicar there, so I think he was baptised there. It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and the carpet just sets if off perfectly, for such a small church it was full of wonderful treasures 🙂 Hows your weather, we having really strong winds with, now after the rain, blue skies and sunshine. I was meant to go London, but I’m still not able to walk very far, so Steve has gone, and I get to stay home in the warm, reading my books I had for Christmas, all about the villages of Norfolk, which I still have to go an explore 🙂

      1. Pretty wild and hairy weather here, and has been for the last three days. Not much sleep! But at least no damage, and we still have power. It has got a lot colder this morning and there are flurries of snow coming over. Purdey is not wanting to go out, and is demanding attention! I hope you have a comfortable day and enjoy your reading! 🙂

      2. Glad you have no damage, I did hear Scotland was going to get it bad, but I didn’t realise you had it for three days. Well Purdey has the right idea, we should all just stay in the warm…..if we can 🙂

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