Waymarker – Holt to Dereham, Norfolk

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I’m not really sure if anyone is really interested in milestones or waymarkers as I am, so possibly this is just a record for me.  I find them interesting as a relic from the past, when they told our ancestors where they were, no maps or Sat-Nav then.  I look for them when we are out exploring and most are taken from the car or when exploring a church.  They are usually at a road junction and some can be very ornate, others quite plain like this one, that tells you, you are 1 mile from Holt and 5 miles from Dereham……which is in Norfolk.  As you would most likely be walking in the 17th/18th century when they started to appear, it would have quite a relief, only another mile to go.


13 Replies to “Waymarker – Holt to Dereham, Norfolk”

    1. Thank you, that makes three of us so far…. I’m really pleased that others are interested in them, and will enjoy finding them even more now to share 😀

      1. Well, it’s like you say, no GPS etc back then – just, yeah you’re going the right way – keep on for a day or two, and you’ll hit the next town! 🙂

      2. Yes, thats true, they only way they could get around was by foot power :), they would walk for miles and think nothing of it, not going on a days hike for fun, but just to survive. Not sure if we would be capable of doing it now 🙂

  1. I love waymarkers too! All kinds – the small stone variety or the finger-post. All charming relics of a bygone age. Any more will be warmly welcome! 🙂 This one looks nicely cared for and freshly painted.

  2. Don’t suppose it will come as any great surprise Lynn to know I am fond of these as well and also all the wonderful wooden and painted wooden signs for villages in E. Anglia~ and fingerpost signs.

    1. No…..I guessed you would like them 🙂 and now we are five, great , I think they are something that are just there and a lot of people hardly notice them 🙂

  3. You are right , just like many other things~ most people do not notice a lot of wonderful things ~ they seem to be on automatic pilot. Like sleepwalking through life.

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