The Medieval Mermaid of Grimston, St Botolph’s Church, Grimston, Norfolk

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 Its amazing what you can find in a church and in St Botolph’s Church in Grimston, Norfolk…… I found a mermaid.  This mermaid is part of a medieval stall in the chancel, and she is call the ‘Grimston Mermaid’, a little strange, but just imagine how old she is, hundreds of years.

January 2015

5 Replies to “The Medieval Mermaid of Grimston, St Botolph’s Church, Grimston, Norfolk”

  1. I think she is delightful ~ I have noted over the years just how very unattractive many of the carving of mermaid were~ crudely done but really she has much for detail and fluidity of her body, hair and tail even if her face not the most beautiful. I think she is charming

    1. I was surprised to see her, Steve took me out for a drive on Sunday, I wasn’t suppose to get out the car, but the church door was open, so I walked slowly and took my time, and it was a lovely church. They had just finished a service, I’m not sure it would have been open otherwise, so I was meant to go in 🙂

  2. naughty naughty! But as long as you made it inside and back without much pain or more damage then thank you for going in and exploring.:)

    1. Yes I was very careful….but must admit I am getting a bit fed up now, really about not being able to do things, but never mind it will get better in the end……fingers crossed 🙂

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