Round Tower Church St Edmund, Taverham Nr Norwich, Norfolk (15)

While out exploring last Boxing Day 2014, we came across this lovely round tower church, St Edmund in Taverham, Norfolk.  The day was very overcast and cold, I walked up to the door and even before I tried the handle, I knew it would be locked……it is Boxing Day….. just because I want to look at churches, I can’t expect someone to open it……good news, it is normally open, so we will return.

The most interesting part of the church, when you can’t get in, is the round tower.  The Normans built the bottom part of the tower, as there are Norman lancets, while the upper part has a lovely decorated crown, which would have been added maybe 300 hundred years later.  The south side of the church looks Victorian, this is because the aisle and arcade were starting to part company with the rest of the building.  Otherwise the rest of the church is really 14th century.  The chancel roof is thatched and the church from the other side really looks ancient, its a shame about the south side, but the whole church could have collapsed, if they had not rebuilt the damaged parts.  The interior looks interesting so hopefully during the year we will visit again.


  1. That is a very impressive tower. Is it true, I wonder, that a fire was lit on them and they were used as beacons in the old days? I shall have to go back to Watkins’ book, I think that’s where I read it.

    1. There are various disagreements on what they were used for, as watch towers etc, but as most of the really old ones are near the sea or river inlets it could be the reason some of them were built, not the inland ones, but the others could have been. Then later they built little churches on to them, I doubt we will really ever know 🙂

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