St Andrew’s Church, Little Snoring, Norfolk

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Visited this lovely Round Tower Church, St Andrew’s, Little Snoring (Saxon Place Name) Norfolk, in todays beautiful sunshine.  This is just to remind me to post later.

January 2015

16 Replies to “St Andrew’s Church, Little Snoring, Norfolk”

    1. Thank you Val….it is a lovely church and I will do a post, but I didn’t like the tower, I had to go through the gap between the tower and the church to get to the other side and I really had to make my self go through it….in fact when I came back I walked right the way around instead of going through it,,,, might have something to do with the first church there, but it was very strange, inside the church was fine 🙂

      1. Hmmm, that is very interesting~ Wonder what is going on there? Too bad we do not know more of it’s actual everyday history but perhaps there is something recorded which might possibly explain the “vibes”?

      2. It was just going in between the tower and the church, there is a gap of about 5 foot and it follows the tower and then past the end of the church, like a little alleyway, I just had an overwhelming feeling of dread, but going into the church was fine, a very nice church, no feelings in there, most odd ! I wondered if part of the old church fell on someone, but we will never know……. I would not go through it again on my own, it was that strong.

      1. Well you would have to go through the gap on your own, I will met you the other end, if you ever find your self likely to visit 🙂 Lets just say I could not come back through the gap, I walk right around the tower, I didn’t really even like doing that……the little church along side is lovely, really very strange… was just a sense of dread, of something horrible had happen in the past 🙂

  1. P.S. I think it was actually a B&B for awhile but not sure now if that folded or not~ seems like it may have. Still , it is there and whether it is private or not should be able to get some photos !

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