The Moon And Sun, St Mary’s, Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk

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On a visit to a round tower church, St Mary’s, Burnham Deepdale in Norfolk, I found these two wonderful Medieval stained glass windows in the church.  They are made up of many pieces of broken Medieval glass, and most could have come from different churches.  The Moon is wonderful, unfortunately the Sun got lost many years ago and was replaced by a angel’s head.  I will do a full post later on the church.





January 2015

10 Replies to “The Moon And Sun, St Mary’s, Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk”

    1. Yes in a way 🙂 and its lucky that someone saved all the glass, as there are very few Medieval whole windows left, some nice ones in York and Norwich, but on the whole just fragments like this left.

  1. Love this Lynn. How many times I have seen this wonderful image of the moon face but did not know where it was nor saw the full window from which it came. A wonderful treat to see. Love the little angel’s head as well. Thank you.

    1. Glad you liked it, and yes I had seen photos of the moon, but didn’t realise it was in this church, it was only when I saw a postcard on the little table were they keep the leaflets etc. Then I had to find it, took a little while, but it is wonderful 🙂

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