The Norman Font of St Mary’s Church, Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk

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St Mary’s, Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk.  This wonderful Norman font once stood in the north aisle of the church, but was broken on being moved, and then spent the next 40 odd years in the garden of Fincham Rectory, until it was finally repaired. The panels, show the farming year from a working man’s point of view. The four base steams are believed to be good copies of the originals ones.

DSC_0235 - Version 2

January 2015

10 Replies to “The Norman Font of St Mary’s Church, Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk”

  1. Love this Lynn, Especially like it’s theme of the laboring man’s year. Thank you for this and for so many photos so we can see all sides in the series.

  2. We are so lucky that fonts like these — and there are many of them — were rescued from wherever they ended up after they were damaged or too often went out of fashion.

  3. What an amazing font! So glad that it has survived. The carvings are beautiful and give us a nice insight into the life of local farmers during the Norman period – wonderful stuff.

  4. Hello

    We are publishing a book called time and place about the seasons and calenders and I am wondering if you would be happy for us to use your images of Burnham Deepdale? We’d send you copies of the book as way of thanking you.
    Do let me know, Gracie

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