The Archangel Gabriel In St Mary’s Church, Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk

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A beautiful stained glass window of the Archangel Gabriel in St Mary’s Church, Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk.

January 2015

9 Replies to “The Archangel Gabriel In St Mary’s Church, Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk”

  1. As well as the grace and beauty in this portrayal, I like the recurrence of the lily motif in the fleurs-de-lys on his robe. Curious too that the priestly garments of chasuble and stole have been subverted by being converted into a voluminous robe and wide cloth belt: perhaps the artist wanted to avoid anachronisms but needed to pre-echo Christian vestments?

  2. Both images from this Annunciation pair are quite beautiful. As always, thanks for sharing your journeys and your vision on the blog. If you get a chance check out what I am doing with some glass here in Kansas City. As soon as I get some pages in place, I will start posting about some individual windows. Bruce

    1. Hi Bruce, glad you like them. I have clicked on your site but it says nothing found, so not sure why that is, but looking forward to seeing them, when you have done some pages πŸ™‚

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