The Round Tower Church Of St Mary’s, Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk (17)

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This is the final post of this beautiful round tower church, St Mary’s in Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk.  This year I really want to make a dent in these wonderful churches….. this is something I say each year…..but I have started 2015 with more than previous years….so there is hope for me yet.  There are about 180 in Norfolk and Suffolk, so I have a long way to go, but thats half the fun.

A little about the church which sits close to the road, in fact so close, you are often pass it with out realising you have.  But last Saturday we stopped, because I remembered in time, so we didn’t go flying pass, saying…oh well next time…

The church belongs to a group of churches ‘Churches of the Saxon Shore’ on the North Norfolk Coast.   In total there are six churches and their doors are always open.  The best features of St Mary’s, are the Medieval glass, the Norman font, which I have posted about, and the tower.  The Anglo-Saxon tower is about 950 years and most likely has been restored over the centuries.  The church underwent restoration at the end of the eighteen century, which most likely saved the building from being a ruin.  In 1797 the church was described as ‘ the aspect of a gloomy moss grown cavern’ now it is a delight to visit.

January 2015

8 Replies to “The Round Tower Church Of St Mary’s, Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk (17)”

  1. Old yes, but trying to think how the people looked, thought and lived in those days in combination with what you so beautifully show is nearly incomprehensible, foreign to our modern minds.

    1. Thank you, and yes I quite agree, I think like that every time I enter an old church, all the different centuries of people who had sat or stood in the church, who built it, who got married etc ……it is quite amazing, they are not just some stuffy old buildings, they are in fact full of history and beautiful objects…. 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the stained glass in this one although I have to admit that the ‘sun’ and ‘moon’ rather freak me out. I also like the shadows at this time of year – they give a nice mellow feeling to churches and churchyards (that’s if it’s a nice sunny day, that is!) 🙂

    1. Thank you Jo, and we had some snow today, went way into Norfolk, to find a little church on a hill, and we had a wipe out, falling snow is not good for taking photos, but in the end it just all faded away, mind you it was so cold….think I can do without the snow photos 🙂

      1. Oh dear… not so good! We were very lucky with Linlithgow but it could have gone very wrong! And yes, my fingers were very painful afterwards! 🙂 Your pics might still be good though – atmospheric?

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