Graffiti in St Mary’s Church, Ashwell, Rutland

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 Last April 2014, we visited lots of churches in Rutland and Leicestershire, in Rutland there are some wonderful churches and most were open.  I still have many to post, but when I explored St Mary’s in Ashwell, Rutland, I was amazed to find this incised slab to John Vernam, and his wife who died 1481. The slab is covered in graffiti (with names and dates from the 17th century), I know it has defaced the slab, but 1651, thats over 350 years ago, on a slab that is over 530 years old…….. sorry, I just love the age factor, I still find it amazing when I find church graffiti.  The church interior was quite dark and the slab is hard up against two walls, wedged in a corner, very difficult to take shots.  I did manage to take a full length view of the slab, but it came out very fuzzy, so just visualise that their robes continue down to ankle length, and the little dog sits at their feet.

6 Replies to “Graffiti in St Mary’s Church, Ashwell, Rutland”

  1. I fully agree with you on the age factor. I am totally in awe of how long ago these things were made. I wonder if there were boys who were made to sit in the corner and killed some time by doing a little stone carving. 🙂

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