St Mary’s Church, Bletchley, Buckinghamshire

We had some time to lose on Sunday morning on the way back from London, and so I cheerfully said, lets find a church, there was a groan, but off we went.  As we were near Bletchley in Buckinghamshire, that seem to be a good choice,  Well….we drove through Bletchley and Old Blecthley, then we drove through again, not really much to miss.  We were about to give up, when we noticed Church Green Road and behold, half way down there was this wonderful church…….accompanied by 2 old cottages…..we had found Old Bletchley, blink and you would have missed it.  As it was Sunday, there was a service on, so I made do with taking some shots of the exterior and churchyard.  There were also some nice small stained glass windows in the porch.

St Mary’s probably existed here in the 12th century, built of limestone rubble, the 14th century South Porch has a wonderful remaining Norman doorway.  The doorway was most likely a former doorway and moved from elsewhere in the church. The chancel is 13th century and there where additions in the 14th & 15th centuries, plus lots of rebuilding.  Also the church has been totally restored twice, once in the 18th century and then in the 19th.

From our visit in February 2015


  1. Glad you found it! That doorway is quite interesting. Are those small faces on the arch? I love how the moss drapes over that headstone. But not good for the headstone. 😦

    1. The carvings around the arch are called beak head carvings, they are faces but with beaks, a Norman thing….not sure if they were to frighten the devil away. But they are rather fascinating. No the headstones were not very good, I took some photos, because there are bits of old angel still there, but not for much longer 🙂

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