Postcards of Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

A few shots of Edinburgh Castle on our whirl wind visit from the Royal Mile and from the tram passing by on Princes Street.  You get a fabulous view of the city from the castle, I did get a couple of photos, before being dragged away to catch the train home, with promises…….we will come back and spend the whole day in the city…….. yes well, lets wait and see.   I only ever seem to get an hour or so before racing for a train, not sure I would know what to do with a whole day 🙂

February 2015


  1. I would dearly love to see what you could produce with a whole day. 🙂 Even in color that is a moody looking place. I wouldn’t want to be part of an army trying to take it down. Great shots.

    1. Thank you Pat and I would like to see what I could do 🙂 I have never spent the whole day anywhere, that would be magic. I spent a whole morning once in Kings Lynn our nearest big town and that was wonderful, took hundreds of photos, so rich in history, and thats just a small town. But I will hold him to it, really want to visit the castle and see inside. Just imagine that your general said, ok storm that, where would you start 🙂

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