Lightweight Machine

DSC_0016 - Version 2

I love sitting on a train station waiting for a train, camera at the ready… have to be quick, they all move so fast, somewhere to go, someone to see……it never stops,  But the fun for me is watching, and seeing this life that moves so quick, capturing it even quicker, before its passed 🙂

Peterborough Train Station in Cambridgeshire, on a day visit to Edinburgh in Scotland, February 2015


  1. Haha, I love stations too, and have snapped a few pics on my journeys. Great photo of the people! I know how much courage it takes to do that. I have wished many times I had done it!

      1. I nearly ‘caught’ Neil Oliver on the station at Stirling a couple of weeks back, but that was before I noticed him. Having noticed him, I was way too self conscious to carry on taking pics!

      2. Oh thats a shame, I sometimes think people see right through you, caught up in their own world and so they should be, which does help if you want to take photos 🙂

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