1. They have, me 🙂 Our other dog Nipper has been in the animal hospital, he nearly lost his eye sight through a condition called dry eye. He is home now with a carrier bag full of medicine which has to be applied 15 times throughout out the day……I have to have a chart so I can see what I have to do and what I have done….oh one other thing, he has to have a bath every other day for a skin complaint for the next 6 weeks……but I love him, so its a small thing to do for him 🙂

      1. Oh my goodness! You have got your work cut out! But I am sure I would do exactly the same for Purdey. Although she would be very unhappy about it! I hope he makes a good recovery! 🙂

      2. Thank you Jo….we now have Steve’s Mum and Dad for the weekend, so no posts, but did manage to do a lovely old church today and tomorrow we are going off out and about so hopefully I might get another one….hope you have a lovely Mothers Day)

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