Coates Village Chapel, Cambridgeshire

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When going through the photographs for my post on the ‘Village Sign’, for Coates Village in Cambridgeshire, I remembered I had taken some of this small chapel.  Now for the past seven years I had thought this had become a dwelling, because the chapel is set well back from the road, and it just looks like it had been converted.

Not so, the Wesleyan/Methodist church on the North Green opened in the early 1840s, but closed in August 2012 when it faced £100,000 refurbishment costs. A little more detail that I found…. ‘The chapel is a severe square building in the centre of North Green and was built in 1840 just before the church. Some villagers objected to the building, and during one night pulled down the work of the previous day, so chapel folk guarded the building until it was completed. It was enlarged in 1866’  There was also a burial ground to one side of the chapel, but I couldn’t find a trace of this, although I am sure there must be details somewhere.

Well I suppose that the only way the building would be saved, is if someone did buy it to renovate, but not changing it too much, as it is very much a feature of the village.

March 2015

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