Village Sign & Church – Coates, Cambridgeshire

On one of the routes that we take when driving to Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, which is really our nearest largest city, we pass through a little village called Coates.  It was only the last time we made that trip, I realised that they had a village sign.  Now its not the greatest one I have seen, but it has a church portrayed and some one has gone to the effort of revamping it, keeping it in use,  I have, since starting to make a record of these village signs, seen some really neglected ones, so I quite like this for its naive approach.

The origins of the name ‘Coates’ comes from the word ‘Cotes’ a corruption of cottages.  The village has two larges greens, North and South, which is cut through with the road that takes you to Peterborough.  In 1993 the village was awarded ‘Fenlands Best Kept Village’ and yes its a very neat and tidy village, not the prettiest but it could be the tidiest.

The church depicted on the sign is Holy Trinity, the geese, horse and donkey on the sign is due to the fact that the animals had grazing rights on the village green in bygone days, not such a good idea now with the road running though it.

March 2015

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