In 2013, on a visit to Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, I wanted to get some shots of the wonderful seaside buildings that are still along the sea front.  This photo was destined for the trash, when I suddenly saw the furry creature, which I had not noticed before and it made me smile.   I needed something to cheer me up, I have had three poorly dogs for the last couple of days, and the tiniest one, very unwell.  Even the vet is not sure what is wrong with them, but they have had jabs, pills and at the moment all is peaceful with them sleeping next to me while I type………not sure how long its going to last though, so I better be quick 🙂

August 2013


  1. There’s a lot going on in that picture, not surprised you missed the furry one. 🙂 I will say a prayer for your small friends. I know how agonizing that is.

    1. Thank you Pat, the trouble is they can’t tell you what is wrong and then you feel guilty that you should had noticed and done more sooner, still they all seem a little better tonight after going to the Vet 🙂

      1. That was always the hardest thing for me when I had dogs. I’m not a very observant person to begin with. And I didn’t like going to the vet for every little sneeze. There’s a very big gray area there.

      2. Yes you are quite right, very smiler to taking children to the Doctors for every sneeze 🙂 I aways go for how dry their nose’s are, the dogs not the children, which is quite a fair indication to how they are feeling, I have 3 very dry noses at the moment…….good thing is they are still a sleep at the moment 🙂

  2. Do hope all will be well with your fur family! One has to be so extra alert these days with suddenly discovering the dog or cat treats or a certain brand of food usually from China are toxic or just what is sprayed along roadsides. parks ect . I know you have no idea what the cause is yet, maybe something which has nothing to do with anything ingested~ whatever the case hope they all will be back to their usual happy selves soon. x

    1. Thank you Val, hate it when they are not well, bad enough when one is, but all three. Poor little Eddie has suffered the most being so tiny, but he has stop bing sick now he has had some jabs, so hopefully he will start to get better x

  3. That building used to be a fantastic children’s indoor playground, with ball parks and things to clamber over etc. It was one of the first in Norfolk and I used to take my twins [and their slightly older siblings] there regularly in the 1980’s. It was called Wallys Windmill. We were once rushed off to the local hospital as one of the twins decided to come down the slide backwards, did not see his other twin still loitering at the bottom and two skulls collided with an almighty din erupting! Both were fine…memories! Hope the dogs are continuing to improve.

    1. Thank you and its really interesting about the building, I have always liked it, but I didn’t know it was called Wallys Windmill. Dogs are a lot better today 🙂

      1. Oh good – glad to hear it! I was more concerned for the little one, cos whatever they had caught or eaten, it affects a smaller dog more.

      2. Thank you and yes it does effect the little ones more. Very sadly years ago, I had two very small Yorkies, one smaller than the other. They both had jabs for fleas, they gave them the wrong strength, the smallest one died a horrible death and the other one spent a week in the vets. He did live to be 18 in the end, but I never really got over the other one, as he was such a cute little dog. So hence I do worry, but they all seem to be ok now and I am watching what they as I think it must have been something like that 🙂

      3. Oh so sorry to hear about your little Yorkie 😦 My dogs eat rubbish all the time, despite my best precautions. Usually it is self-limiting as they vomit it out again all over the place! But they are quite big and def not pedigree – which helps!

    1. Thank you Jo, they do seem a lot better today, not 100% yet, but the little one had kept some food down today, first time in 3 days. So he is now starving, but he can only have little amounts, which is very hard to explain to him 🙂

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