The weather on Easter Sunday 2015 was amazing.  We travelled to Kent to see visit our daughter and grandchildren, then decided to have a picnic on the beach, first one of the year.  Having intended to go to Broadstairs, we were out of luck, as trying to find a parking space was totally out of the question, it seemed everyone who lived in Kent had the same idea.   Travelling further on we  came to Joss Bay, the perfect place, plus parking.  You park on the cliff top, and then make your way down steps to a lovely sandy beach and wonderful views of the sea.  Of course, once everyone had eaten, and sat back to enjoy the sun, out came my camera.  Mostly it was to capture my youngest grandson, but there were other little scenes that I could not resist.

6 Replies to “On The Beach”

    1. No not quite, but I did take my coat off 🙂 It was just nice to see a totally blue sky and enjoy a little heat, Oscar and Grandad enjoyed themselves 🙂

  1. Looks like it was a little chilly. But that never stops the English getting out on to the beach when the sun is shining and the sky is blue!

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