The Chancel Arch of St Mary & St David’s Church, Kilpeck, Herefordshire


 The interior of St Mary & St David is just as interesting as the exterior, which I will post more about later, but this post is about the carvings on the chancel arch.

On entering this ancient Norman Church, the atmosphere can only be described as peaceful, I think more so, than any other church I have visited.  As you pass through the chancel arch you notice the figures, one above the other, they are said to be inspired by those on the Gates of the Silversmith in the pilgrim church at Santiago.  The two larger figures on each side might represent the four apostles, although only St Peter, with a key, carries any recognizable symbol.  These columns like the shafts on the south door, are carved from one large piece of sandstone and would have been coloured.










April 2015


    1. Thank you Jo, it really is a fantastic place and really should go on everyones list to visit, its lost time really, there is one old house near it and the rest history, which I shall post about 🙂

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