The Amazing Corbels of St Mary & St David’s Church, Kilpeck, Herefordshire

 I am gradually…….trying to finish recording the wonderful Norman Church of St Mary & St David in Kilpeck, Herefordshire.  At the moment its a little hard going, as a very large polytunnel is taking most of my attention in the evenings, but I think I am winning now, so I can blog a bit more.

 One of the outstanding features of this amazing church are the exterior corbels, there are animals, wonderful celtic knots, and heads of all kinds.  I plan to cover the rest of them over the next couple of posts, as I think that every single one of them is special, especially when you think that they are over 850 years old……..

April 2015


  1. Thanks for all you’ve done on this church! Take your time, sometimes other things have to come first. 🙂 These are intriguing. Do they have a function, or are they purely ornamental?

    1. Thank you Pat, glad you are enjoying the church. Yes most of them are symbolic, some are warnings, its a time when the congregation can neither read or write and the church used them as a visual aid. I think we have lost the art of reading them, but then, for most people, they knew what they all meant……. me, I have no idea what they mean, but some are pretty scary and they would be enough to make you stop doing what you we’re not meant to be doing…..shame it doesn’t work nowadays 🙂

    1. The best is yet to come, these are lovely, but ones coming are so cute, but unfortunately got in very late from work tonight, so I will post them tomorrow, there is one that I know you will really like 🙂

    1. Yes thank you, I am have great fun, already eating lettuce that I planted a few weeks ago and more growing, its amazing how much more quickly they grow in a tunnel than a greenhouse. But back to these carvings, they are wonderful and the best is yet to come, hopefully in a short while 🙂

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