I am trying to sort some photos out for posting, and I can across this one that I took when we visited a church on holiday in Herefordshire.  The window ledge in the church was full of odd bits of carvings, but this piece really struck home….. as I am trying to get to grips with my photos and a never ending demanding ploy-tunnel….. whose idea was that, oh dear mine 🙂 I know exactly how she feels, but I love doing both…. so I will get to grips with them 🙂

Somewhere in Herefordshire April 2015

14 Replies to “A Holy Headache”

    1. I think she got her revenge on me, I had food poisoning the next day and only today, have I felt well enough even to pickup my laptop, not nice at all. Steve has been looking after the tunnel and its looking good 🙂

  1. she’s rather intriguing~ have been in many Herefordshire churches, but never recall coming across her. I know I would remember her if I had seen her~ how is the ploy tunnel coming along?

    1. Yes she is rather a strange one, most likely from a monument. Sorry for the late reply but I have had food poisoning and have only just felt like picking up the laptop. But I feel a lot better now 🙂

      1. Errgh. So very sorry to hear you have had to go through that~ I would only wish it on the worst of enemies. Hope you are fully recovered now.

    1. Oh they are great carvings, I have seen the castle from the outside, but we didn’t have time to visit as we were on a steam train trip, although I wished had now 🙂

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