Return to the Outer Hebrides


Normally at this point in time we are on holiday in Scotland, but this year we are going further afield in about three weeks.  We are flying to the States for our nieces wedding and are really looking forward to seeing our America side of the family, the last time we visited was in 2004, so there might be a few changes……maybe the bride might have grown up just a little 🙂   To continue our holiday we are driving to Cape Cod and then some Island hopping, which is something we love to do in Scotland.  I am really looking forward to visiting some churches and tombstones on the Islands.

But I thought, as I had not finished last years trip to the Outer Hebrides, I think I only got maybe a quarter of the way up the Islands, maybe I could get half way up this time 🙂  The above photo is similar to one I posted last year, the view was from the rear of our motorhome the night we arrived on the Isle of Barra, but as I took hundreds, I thought I would use up another one.  So its ‘Return to the Outer Hebrides’ …………

May 2014


    1. Thank you, I loved that view when we arrived, just sat and watched, until it went dark. I am really looking forward to seeing family for what seems like forever, since I last saw them, oh and the rest from work 🙂

  1. How absolutely beautiful, reminds me of Rhode Island. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos, I hope to see each island, church and town in person. Have a wonderful trip to the U.S., you can see why our ancestors found the New World so familiar! Please keep posting about northern England, Wales and Scotland!

    1. Thank you, I could have sat for hours watching that view. I am really looking forward to revisiting the U.S. loved it last time, so with the wedding and island hopping it should be a holiday to remember, especially if I take loads of photos. Also I am really glad you enjoy the photos 🙂

    1. Thank you Jo, its really so close now, so starting to get really excited, I think, more of seeing family that I haven’t seen for years 🙂 I did try very hard for a visit to Scotland in September, but we have to go to Wales, I love Wales, but I reality wish is was Scotland…..really need an extra couple of months in the year, have run out of time and its only May 🙂

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