The Haka

I’m still sorting photos, and actually enjoying it, thought it might have been a chore, but no ….. its quite fun.  I will get to my holiday snaps, but as there is about 4,500, they will need to be sorted as well.  I’m not sure if its just me, but I seem to take far too many photos of the same thing, just incase I get that really extra special shoot…… I have to stop doing this, its a habit I have to kick 🙂   Take the above photos of the Haka, which is the only reason I go to see New Zealand play, no not really, but a large part of the reason.  I took nearly 300, why, I only need a few…. its an obsession, please let there be other people out there like me, so I can stop worrying.  I will not even start to tell you how many church photos I have and the rest.  One other thing, why having to been to four New Zealand/ England matches, do we always get to sit side on or looking at their backs …..I should have married a New Zealander 🙂

Just incase some one in the world has never seen it taking place, a Haka is a Maori ceremonial war dance involving chanting, an imitation of which is performed by New Zealand rugby teams before a match.

Also a good ones for my occupation category – New Zealand Rugby Team 2014


  1. Please keep taking pictures! Though 4,500,000 might be a tad on the obsessive side. 😉 It really depends on how much time you want to spend sorting. At least you’re not using thousands of rolls of film!
    I have seen something like Haka before, but it was for a blessing on the “Hobbit” crew. You might be able to find it on YouTube. It’s really impressive when they’re in costume.

    1. I think you have answered my problem…..which really isn’t a problem, because taking hundred of photos of the same thing, is not costing anything, apart from my time…… oh I remember using film, spending loads of time on one photo, to make sure it was right, no cutting off heads. I think I just physically love taking pictures, Steve says I should have camera attached to my forehead and I should just blink when I want to take a photo…….. oh dear that would be thousand…. not a good idea. We hare having a heatwave at the moment…hotter that we had it on holiday, I thought Washington DC was hot at 30 degrees, yesterday we hit 35 degrees, which I think was the hottest day ever reordered in the UK and it could be hotter today….off to work now to where we have air conditioning, our homes normally do not require cooling, its normally the reversal 🙂

  2. I now regret leaving so many photos when I moved from NY to FL – it’s hard to get rid of them but the regret is even harder to cope with.

  3. I think you should continue taking pictures! I do the same, and I always find that the photo I had originally designated as the best was superseded by something I randomly took of the same thing. Anyway, *this* obsession is better than most! 😛

    1. So glad you do the same, my husband says you only need one photo of something, but fails to understand, that just in an instance the imagine can change so much. And yes *this* obsession is a lot better than most, it really is my only one, apart from my garden………. 🙂

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