I really should read the gravestones that I record, but I was really surprised I missed this one.  This grave is a double header of Mr John Howels and his wife Mary Howels.  I love the naive cavings of the angels, they are really the reason I took the photo, but on reading the headstone, it would seem that Mary lived to be 131 years old……. I think someone made a mistake and possibly it was not noticed if the family could not read, which is possible…… I think it should be 31 and I’m amazed that it was never changed.  I think Mary’s headstone is a Belvoir Angel, a winged angel head carved on slate.

St Bartholomew’s Church, Vowchurch, Herefordshire 2015




6 Replies to “The Great Age of Mary”

  1. Haha, what a fantastic “typo”! The carved faces are beautiful and I really like the turn of phrase on John’s side of the grave – “exhang’d time for Eternity” – there’s something quite lovely about that.

  2. That’s interesting! 🙂 You could be right, and I’m sure it is difficult to erase mistakes from stones. I agree with Caroline – I love the concept of exchanging time for eternity. What a beautiful description.

    1. I have just looked at the date again and noticed the extra 1 after 1790, looks like someone added the one to match the 131…… I didn’t see that before 🙂 Yes is a lovely description 🙂

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