Woollen Tree


I have come across knitting on trees before, but this one has to be the best.  Found while exploring Abergavenny Castle in Wales and someone has really spent a lot of time making sure each branch is covered.  I have only seen this is Wales and just wondered if its Welsh thing, or is there a special reason, other than wanting to keep the tree nice and cosy…….whatever the weather.

April 2015


  1. I have never seen this! It’s brilliant!!! Except it’s eventually going to get dirty and then what? Oh, well, it’s art. It doesn’t need to last. 🙂

    1. I know its amazing what you come across, I have only seen it Wales, I have seen it on telegraph poles, street lights, and railings. They are very colourful, some of the older one have faded, but still look alright, I just wonder who thought up the idea 🙂

  2. I know somebody who’s part of a group which knits these ‘cosies’ for street furniture and trees in Abergavenny; who knows, she may have helped crochet this very item! They also make giant papier mache sculptures that hang from the market hall roof, such as giant vegetables or, last year, piggies (I included some of these on the MyNewShy photo blog earlier this year).

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