Traffic Control on Wheels


When we landed in Washington DC, the first step outside the airport, made me want to scurry back in, it was was well over 100 degrees.  I found it quite hard to breath and even the walk to the rented car, which only a few feet away, was enough for me.  The weather was so humid, that it almost felt like swimming, we in the UK rarely have to deal with humidity.

Travelling through the city to our hotel in our lovely air conditioned car, I began to feel better and the camera sprung into action.  One thing I did notice on this holiday was the lack of cameras, most people were using their mobile phones or even their iPads.  Nothing wrong with that, but it was a bit more difficult to take street photos than at home, only because people were interested in what you were taking a photo of and would ask……no one at home asks, it was quite nice.  Many photos were taken through the car window and also I really wanted to try to get as many different occupations as I could.

My first capture was this wonderful traffic controller, I have no idea if he is a policeman or not, but I just thought what a great way to beat the traffic.

Washington DC June 2015 – Traffic Controller


    1. Oh Jo it was too hot, and we were going to on an evening walking tour, well that just didn’t happen, we just had a gentle stroll up Capitol Hill and had a look at the dome 🙂

  1. Welcome to my world! Since I retired I don’t go out as much in the summer. That was rather extreme, hope you found some cooler weather.

    1. Oh I think I am more than happy to live in a cooler climate all year round, but they did say in the hotel that is was much hotter than normal. Just our luck, shame because we didn’t rurally get to see much of the city, because of the heat, never mind maybe another time 🙂

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