A Stroll & Band Music – Capitol Dome, Washington DC

As I mentioned in my last post we found some energy to walk up to look at the Capitol Dome, luckily our hotel was just around the corner.  So after dinner at the hotel, we set off, I must admit at one point I wanted to return to our lovely cool hotel room, but I could hear some music so we plodded on.  We passed through some gardens with hundreds of day lilies, which I love, mainly as I have lots of different varieties in my own garden.  Back to the music, which now was differently some kind of brass band and turning a corner we were at the Dome and the source of the music.  I think it was a Marine Band, I’m not sure as I had flopped down and did not move, except my arms to take some photos.  There were lots of people sat listening and enjoying the band, we stayed for about an hour, but it had got no cooler, so we left and slowly made our way back through the twilight to the hotel.  Next stop Pennsylvania and a wedding………

Capitol Dome, Washington DC – June 2015


  1. Beautiful photo of the Washington Monument at dusk. My family went there when I was a kid. I climbed the stairs all the way to the top. Oh, to have that energy again!

    1. Thank you Jo, but It was a shame really, as I would have liked to have had at least a ride round the city, but I just could not get use to the heat……oh well tropical islands are off the bucket list 🙂

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