Driving Along Constitution Avenue, Washington DC

We were going to spend two days in this beautiful city, but as I have mentioned before, the heat was just a little hot for us.  So we decided that we would leave early the next day, before the rush hour and make our way to a cooler climate.  But I did manage to get some photos, not that great, as they were from the car window, but enough to show a a little of how green this city is.  I also wanted to capture how different simple things are than at home, like stop and road signs.  I love the idea that you are shown how much longer you get to cross the road and wow they are wide roads.  But I was a bit sad that Capitol Dome was under going some restoration work, I should re phase that….. I am really please that they are looking after this wonderful building, but I would have loved to have taken some photos minus the scaffolding, but then how often is there scaffolding on the dome…… We took a walk in the evening to have a look at the Dome, when we thought it would be cooler, it was a little cooler but not much, but we did make it and had a nice surprise …… More to follow.

Washington DC June 2015 – Which is my 1,300 post.


  1. One there I’ve never seen is the black fire hydrant. They’ve always been bright colors so they were easy to spot. Wonder what the thinking is on that? You’re getting better at car pictures. 🙂

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