A Man & His Crane – USA


In my last post of the ‘Barn’, I mentioned about the overhead wires everywhere, well here is a man that looks after them.  He must have been really busy as on the night before the wedding, we had a giant of a thunderstorm, far worse then we get in the UK, and we lost the power for several hours.  In fact a lightening bolt hit the field in front of where we were staying and we missed it, as we were still down the road celebrating pre wedding celebrations 🙂

USA PA – June 2015


  1. We do have some exciting storms! This vehicle is called a “cherry picker.” Not sure how that got started, but I’ve been calling it that for more than 50 years now. Most folks seem to know what I’m talking about. 🙂

    1. Thanks pat, that is really interesting, I like that name 🙂 I’m just glad our storms on the most are not too bad, we have our moments, but when we were on Martha’s Vineyard we got the last little bit of the hurricane, which ever one it was then, that was a little bit scary and that was just the tail end of it.

  2. Being in the Midwest we don’t have much of a problem with hurricanes. You, therefore, now know more about hurricanes than I do, or want to. There is the occasional tornado, but they are much smaller. If they don’t actually land on your doorstep, you’ve got half a chance. 🙂

    1. We get a lot of the ends of the hurricanes that come across the Pond, normally winter months and they cause havoc with our coastlines, but the one on MV was just a little bit too close for comfort, well for me anyway. Years ago on our last trip we saw the start of tornado high up in the hills of a valley we were in, but it disappeared very quickly, thank goodness, thats scary as well, we get mini ones here, Ha ha we also get earthquakes, one I remember woke me up in the night, the whole house shook for a few moments, not long, but enough for you to think what the heck was that and once in the car. But some of your tornados cause quite a bit of damage if it comes through a town, that must be horrible.

      1. It never occurred to me that the hurricanes would go all the way to the UK! I need to learn a little more about world weather. There hasn’t been a tornado in our town in my lifetime, thank goodness, but they have hit nearby communities. Horrible is a good word for it.

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