White Wooden Churches – USA

Just a small sample of the local churches near to where we were staying for the wedding, around Morris PA.  I am trying to edit the photos of the wedding, but time is not with me at the moment, not sure where it is, but I would like some back.  I just cannot believe it will September in a few weeks…….Christmas next……sorry 🙂

USA – 2015


  1. I think I figured it out, England has more stone, and America has more wood. They used what they had. That one isn’t so little, the congregation must have really grown!

    1. Yes thats quite right, we use all sorts of stones and bricks, even pebbles from the beach. I think thats why I like them, so different from here in the UK. The larger church is in the location of where we where staying and they do have a large congregation, I think the churches here would love to have as larger attendances, but they are very poor here, really and truly not a lot of people attend church now.

  2. I’ve only just watched ‘The Five Year Engagement’, where the final resolution supposedly begins outside an English church as the Emily Blunt character emerges from the main door. This is quite patently not an English church as it more resembles any one of the buildings you’ve pictured here than any English church I’ve seen. As has just been pointed out, you really couldn’t mistake the one for the other!

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