Red Door in Wellsboro PA -USA

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There are so many beautiful houses in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, that I really found it very hard to choose which one I would have bought…… well I can dream 🙂  I did take lots of photos and will post a few more later, but this particular house won me over, mainly because it looked more homely than some of the other houses……. could just see myself pottering away in the garden.


Also I’m adding a few houses that I liked in Nauvoo, near to where we were staying for the wedding.


I think you can tell I like the green ones 🙂 but here are a couple of different ones.



USA – 2015

4 Replies to “Red Door in Wellsboro PA -USA”

  1. Great photos, Lynn! Those are beautiful houses. Even that red one has a lot of character. Green does look nicer nestled int those trees. 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat….there are so many lovely homes, not sure if its the rural areas that we always find ourselves in, although there were some nice houses in Ohio last time we visited. The trouble is, I’m not sure that painting my brick house green would look the same, nope, think it will have to stay brick colour, just have to add more climbing plants 🙂

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