Traditional Homes of Wellsboro PA – USA

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On our walk around Wellsboro, I saw some beautiful homes, and really only being use to brick and stone houses, I find these houses very appealing…… the need to rush home and build one, was very strong…. but which one would I want to build, the choices too great, so I will have to stick to my brick home.  But I must admit, the further on into the holiday, the feeling returned most days.  I think, what I really like, is their individuality, and their owners are not afraid to stamp their own personalities on to them, even in a small way.

Next stop the ‘Wedding’

June 2015 – USA

4 Replies to “Traditional Homes of Wellsboro PA – USA”

  1. I love them too! But there are a lot of floors to mop in those places.. 🙂 Once a year we have a House Walk where folks get to tour some of these old houses. It’s wonderful.

    1. Oh thats sounds a wonderful idea to have a peek inside. Mopping sounds better than hovering, which its what it would have to be in the UK, as most of the houses have carpet right through…. we have lots of wooden flooring in our house, but we still also have a lot of carpet. In France when we stay with friends, they have all tiled floors, which I think is a little bit cold 🙂

      1. A lot of folks here feel the same as you about carpeting. It can get rather cold here in the winter. Usually below freezing for a month or two! 😉

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