The main reason for our trip to the states, was to attend our nieces wedding in Pennsylvania, and what a beautiful wedding it turned out to be.  It was over two months ago, but really only seems like yesterday.  We had travelled a long way, but it was worth every mile.  The last time we had visited was over ten years ago, although I had seen my niece on several occasions when she had visited  the UK.  It was quite surreal, as she was all grown up and this was her wedding, where had all the years gone…. But its not as surreal as you would think…..’Facebook’ and ‘Blogging’ are really wonderful tools, because I had been following the wedding plans for the last couple of years through my nieces Blog and Facebook.  I had seen photos of the groom, his brother and friends, so they did not feel like total strangers.

On the day, the weather was perfect, in fact everything was perfect, it was a beautiful country wedding and we had a wonderful time.  This album is really is for my niece, Alison, but I hope you enjoy the photos and the beautiful garden it was held in 🙂

June 2015

8 Replies to “An American Country Wedding”

  1. That is fantastic! It is a beautiful garden, was that someone’s home? Whose dog is that wearing the flower garland? Looks like it’s a the very least an important guest. 🙂 What an event!

    1. I should have said it is my ex sister-in-laws garden, she is a very talented lady, I think she has 7 acres to look after. They lived in England for a while and then they moved back to the States, and years later built the house, she wanted an English style garden, I think she more than achieved it. The dog is Skelly, a rescued retired greyhound, that belongs to my niece, he was very good, and when the ceremony had finished he went back inside the house to have a rest….as greyhounds do. It was a lovely wedding and I’m glad you liked the photos 🙂

  2. Thanks Aunt Lynne – Lovely photos, you got some great ones 🙂 So happy you were able to come, it meant a lot to me!

  3. Thanks for the photos, Lynne. You did a beautiful job. It was great to see you and Steve again; I appreciate you coming so far to share in the joy. hopefully we will meet up again–either here or there-before another 10 years expires.

    1. Thank you Pat, and it was lovely to see and spend a little time with you. I have to admit, since we have come home, we have been trying to whip the garden into some kind of shape, after seeing your wonderful one again. It was a beautiful day and lovely to see so many people again and no we must not let another 10 years go pass…… 🙂

    1. Many thanks Jo, we all had a lovely day and Alison, the bride, made a lovely job in arranging everything from a distance. I also should have pointed out she made the cakes, which were so yummy, they were instead of one big cake….my favourite one was the whiskey flavoured one 🙂

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