White Wooden Churches – Sugar Valley, USA

There are four things that I really like about Pennsylvania, and maybe you can guess what they are….. farms, barns, houses and churches …… they fill the large span of beautiful countryside.  We do have the same in the UK, but different, which is how it should be, or it would be rather boring if it was all the same.  All these churches are to be found in or around Sugar Valley, I just like the shape and location of these iconic buildings.

June 2015 – USA


    1. I wish I was Pat, I just love the shape of them. I am sure each one has its own history, I did try to buy some books on them but no luck. I did bring back a couple of books on English churches that I found in a second hand book shop….my husband thinks I have totally lost it and just humours me ha ha 🙂

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