Ladies of the Law – Newport, Rhode Island – USA


When we arrived in Newport, Rhode Island, on our holiday, the rain stopped, so we went out to explore.  I think we would have just gone out, even it it had still being raining…….after all we are British and have webbed feet (no not really, although the last two days here in the UIK, it has began to feel like it)  I must say I fell in love with place, full of history, wonderful houses and fantastic sea food, plus more things then I have time to mention.  One thing that I did notice in our travels, where any road repairs were being carried out, there always seemed to be a police officers around.  This is good one for my “Occupation Category” and the sign was a bonus 🙂

Time is something I have run out of, we are going on holiday to Wales on Friday, our yearly trip.  We then come back for a week and then off to Germany and Switzerland for work, plus a short holiday.  I should still be able to post from Wales, as we now have satellite internet in the motorhome……. thank you husband…. its many years of my birthday presents rolled into one.

June 2015 – USA


    1. Oh I know, more photos, I’m having problems with my PC at the moment, and that is really why I am posting about our holiday….hopefully it will get sorted soon. I love the sign, you wouldn’t get one here like it, but then again there would be hundreds if you did, our roads are for ever being relaid 🙂

      1. Very briefly–and it was eons ago. We stayed in a bed and breakfast, and were going to take a train part way up Snowden (I think) but it was so rainy and foggy that we didn’t go.

      2. Lol, the only time I went up was with Tim, when Fleur was 2, it was foggy at the top and the train broke down coming back down and we had to walk the rest of the way, it took ages 🙂

    1. Hi Jo, thank you and we are just going to Newquay again to visit the oldies, but we are taking the little car this time with the Motorhome, so we can explore further a field. I was hoping that we could go to Scotland instead, but that didn’t happen, will just have to wait until 2016 for another visit 🙂

    1. Glad you have enjoyed the latest photos, a few more to come. We go to Newquay every year to visit Welsh relations and have a bit of a do 🙂 We take our Motorhome and little car so we can go exploring, mind you we have to go further field each year. But its such a lovely area that you can’t get tired of it 🙂

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