A Beautiful Urn & Me

DSC_0145_2 - Version 3

We went to visit ‘The Mansions’  or I should say some of them in Newport, Rhode Island, you can buy a ticket for five at a special price.  We did three on one day and the other two on the morning that we left, had to get our moneys worth.  It was worth it, they are quite amazing, the only problem I had was, you could not take photos inside……. so I had to turn the camera off…..that was hard and there was no sneaking photos either, a couple of guides in each room, no chance.  So I had to make do with exterior shots of these grand buildings of a bygone time.  I got a bonus though, while sorting through the photos, I saw a little me, just to prove I was there 🙂

We are on our way to Germany in a few hours, husband is driving, and we are going via the channel tunnel.  I have to stay awake to wake him up, just incase we both over sleep. So all packed up and car sorted, so really just filling in the time.  I just hope the weather is better there, its cold and wet at the moment here in the UK, well Norfolk is.  Looking forward to our visit, hopefully will take just a few photos 🙂


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