I am still sorting through my USA holiday photos, and I have to do this small task, before I can download any more photos, well thats what my laptop is telling me, so I am doing as I am told, we have this love hate relationship between us…..mmm wonder if anyone else suffers from this 🙂  Anyway back to the photos, there is a lovely area called ‘Gooseneck Cove’ on Rhode Island.  On one side of the road is the salt marsh and the other side, has the ocean pounding at the rocks.  This is where some of the most rich and famous people have homes, summer homes, not sure if you could call them weekend cottages, but then again they might 🙂

From our holiday June 2015 USA

4 Replies to “Gooseneck Cove, Rhode Island, USA”

    1. Oh Pat, there were more beautiful homes but not that easy to take photos off. You can drive around the coastline and it is stunning, but again not easy to take photos of it. One of these is the Kennedy’s house, but I’m no sure which one, it could be the one with the flag flying.

      1. You have quite enough photos of houses! 🙂 The one with the flag is my favorite. Can you imagine being in one of those round rooms with all the windows and watching that marvelous coast! I like the photo of the sailboats, too. Really beautiful.

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