Big Urns – The Breakers, Rhode Island

Big Urn

While we were visiting ‘The Breakers” one of the Mansions of Newport, Rhode Island, I spied some urns being restored.  Great for my ‘Occupation Category’  What a wonderful occupation, working on some really amazing items, in the sunshine, maybe its the sunshine that really appeals to me 🙂




USA Holiday June 2015


    1. Thank you Pat, no I didn’t ask, they looked so in grossed in what they were doing and believe it or not, there is a language barrier….. I talk quite quickly and with no accent, its how I pronounce my words that cause the problem, Steve is ok as he has a northern accent and they seem to understand him better. Many times I was asked if I was French, well they are our next door neighbours 🙂

      1. Ha ha! Much easier to communicate in writing. You might have some trouble understanding me, too. And I definitely talk too slow. 🙂

      2. Yes I think we should keep to the written word, we might each have some odd sayings, but most of the time we understand each other, otherwise we would have to have an interpreter LOL 🙂

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