Life and a Red London Bus


I am still wading through thousands of photos, my own fault for not editing them at the time.  How many photos’s of a seal do you really need, it was fun taking them and I was looking to take that extra special one.  Something that all photographers do, they all look for that special one.  I have read a lot about writers and their some time awful struggle to find the words, and how nothing will come together……. thats the same with taking photos.  Mist, rain, too bright a day, there are certain things you can do, but trying to take photos in the mist……ok it you want mist in your photo…….but not if you don’t.

On a visit to London a few years ago, we had got up early to explore a little, I thought I would get some good photos of the Thames.  Out of about 50 shots, the above photo of the bus, was the only one that came near to being a photo.  But you really only need one, I have just deleted the other 49.  Anyway back to the slog, but I have enjoyed sorting through them and have got lots of posts to do, when I have done a little bit more sorting 🙂


    1. Thank you….. I still find it very hard to delete, but at least I am doing that now, Glad to hear that someone else has the same problem, it makes me feel better, as I was beginning to think it was only me 🙂

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