Peacocks & Others


We are very lucky where we live, in Norfolk, owls hoot at night and swoop through the garden.  Just down the lane, you can come across as many as a dozen wild peacocks strutting across the road.  Woodpeckers play trees with the telegraph poles and kingfishers sitting watching the waterways.  Herons stand as still as posts on the banks, where swans bring up their young.  Glimpse of hares and deer through sunlit woodlands.  I love where I live 🙂



  1. The silhouette of the peacock is marvelous! I didn’t know there were wild peacocks in England, but why wouldn’t there be? They must escape from the estates now and then. Your area sounds wonderful! We have herons here and I love to watch them hunt, so graceful. And the sound of a woodpecker drilling into a tree has always amazed me, so loud! I’ve read that their skulls are specially built to take that hammering, but it still seems incredible. I think I’d like your part of the world. 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat, he was quite a big bird. Not far from us someone had a few peacocks and then they had babies and then there were more…….and now there are quite a lot. Some still live in the barns, but a lot left home and live in other people barns and empty buildings, they seem to be quite hardy. There are very beautiful, but can be a bit loud at certain times of the year, but the babies are so cute. I think you would like it here, is very green and lots of waterways, which are full of birdlife. But it is very flat, no mountains or hills in the part that we live in, but then you can see for miles which is wonderful. We are also not very far from the sea and thats a whole different story 🙂

  2. Ha ha! I found peacock chicks on YouTube. They are adorable, specially when they display their little, brown tail feathers! The prairies of the Midwest are very flat, also, although I live in a river valley so we have some hills. I’ve always loved the sea, but I’ve never lived near it. That would be nice. 🙂

    1. I sounds nice where you live, so you are used to a big river, but to live by the sea would be wonderful, not sure we could afford to, very expensive now 🙂 Yes the chick are so sweet 🙂

    1. Thank you, it was a bit rushed as as soon as he landed he was off again. Oh they can make an awful sound, but very good as guard birds 🙂 Ha ha…. the owls have just started to hoot as I’m typing this. The little owls make like a tweeting noise and barns owls are hooting 🙂

  3. Fantastic feature photo. Love the silhouette effect. My museum is adjacent to the San Diego Zoo and we often get escaping peacock sightings.

    Once while napping during my lunch break, I was awoken to three peacocks finishing off my sandwich and rifling through my bag.

    I displayed my lovely plumage and they backed away slowly.

    1. Thank you James, glad it brought back a memory. We also have them in one of our local garden centres and you have to be careful if you sit outside and have cake with your coffee, because they come and beg. As you found out they are partial to a sandwich 🙂

  4. It’s so lovely having close encounters like this with nature, isn’t it? Our highlights include a golden pheasant crossing the road we were walking on, and a young peregrine falcon landing on our window sill not five feet away — in the city! I second the praises for the silhouetted peacock, but would also put a word in for the second shot.

    1. Thank you, yes it is lovely to have these encounters, but I have never been that close to any bird of prey in the wild, that must have been quite amazing. Golden pheasants are beautiful creatures, we have lots of normal ones, but they do not handle a candle to the golden ones 🙂

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