I wanted to post our visit to the Oktoberfest of 2013, before posting this years of 2015.  There are not that many photos, as the weather wasn’t great and the lighting inside our tent was equally as bad.  So really this is the best of a bad bunch, but I really just wanted to make a record, so that I can compare it 2015, as the weather was so much better and we got to explore more of the surroundings.

Oktoberfest 2013

2 Replies to “Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany 2013”

  1. Those Germans really know how to throw a party! (Of course that includes about 80% of my forbears.) Great shots, nice steeples, too.

  2. They certainly do and this was before they really let their hair down. The niece that we came over for the wedding, all her mothers forbears came from Germany, of course the other half are English 🙂 The steeples belong to the Cathedral, which was right next door, but will have to visit that some other time.

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