As I looked at this photo my first reaction was the trash, some might say I was right, but when I started to look it, I liked it.  I like the fact that the sentry is still, as he should be and the rest of the world is rushing passed.  The photo was taken from the car and I was really trying to get a clear shot at the sentry, but that was never going to happen, so in the end I am quite happy with this version 🙂

London 2013

2 Replies to “The Sentry”

    1. I use to love taking photos years ago and I mean years ago, in my teenage years, I loved to record things……but then life happened and everything gets pushed to the background, so when my daughter said I should start a blog (I secretly thought she was mad) but she was right and I love taking the photos and blogging. And I also like getting nice comments, so thank you for yours 🙂

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