The Surprise of Newgale Beach, Wales

Last year in April 2014, we were travelling to St Davids in Wales, on a work related visit.  There is one part of the trip that I always look forward to and its Newgale Sands in Pembrokeshire, with its wonderful beach.  Facing due west, Newgale Sands is a beautiful stretch of beach over 2 miles long and maybe one day we will stop and explore it further.  The weather on this trip was very dark and overcast, in fact these photos were going in the trash, but I’ve had a play with them and now they do remind me of how spectacular the view is when you come over the brow of the hill and all is spread out before you 🙂


    1. Thanks Jo, not sure about the name but have just read that Newgale (Niwgwl in Welsh) is the boundary between English and Welsh-speaking Pembrokeshire, with the next beach north of Newgale being called Pen-y-Cwm. Still not sure why its called Newgale, but it does have the most wonderful stretch of beach 🙂

  1. Nice pics, such familiar views from our decade in Pembrokeshire. Always wondered about Niwgwl/Newgale but never looked it up. Pen y Cwm of course means Combe End (or Combe Top, depending on which end you’re looking at).

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