Halloween – The Book Ghost, Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk

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We visited Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk in May 2014, the Hall belongs to the National Trust and of all the big houses we have in Norfolk, it has to be the most liveable one of them all.  Although……. it does have a ghost, one of the former owners William Windham III.  It has been reported that William’s ghost has been seen sitting at the library table, with a beloved book in hand, and also relaxing in the library chair. But, apparently, the ghost will only appear when an exact combination of books is placed on the library chair.  In fact, books were to blame for Windham’s demise, attempting to rescue a friend’s library from fire, he sustained injuries that ultimately proved fatal.


When I entered the room, it felt like it was waiting, it felt different from the rest of the house.  Maybe its because some of the wonderful books were never read by their owner and………. is it possible, that it’s really the books that call William Windham back.

DSC_0152 - Version 2



Happy Halloween 2015

6 Replies to “Halloween – The Book Ghost, Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk”

  1. If I had a library like that I’d be coming back, too. Who could read all those books in one lifetime? My kind of ghost. 🙂 Beautiful library.

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