I thought I would finish Halloween with a few haunted places that I have visited and some of their ghostly stories.  I must admit that I have not felt anything in these particluar places, but they apparently all have a ghost or two.


The first is Purfleet Quay in Kings Lynn, Norfolk.  A woman killed herself the day after her wedding, her ghost loiters around the Purfleet area before screaming and throwing itself into the quay waters. Other screams, belonging to fighting soldiers, can also be heard in the area, during which the water runs red with blood.  


In Devils Alley in Kings Lynn, a single footprint belonging to Old Nick is said to be visible down this ageing alleyway…….not that I could find it on my visit…….but maybe I missed it.


Still in King Lynn, Thoresby College, at least one cleaner has reported that small items vanish, only to reappear in different places around the building.


Also in Kings Lynn is the The Tudor Rose Hotel, in which shortly after a wedding, a bride was stabbed to death by her new husband in the hotel.  Since then, a short woman in a long white dress has been spotted and phantom footsteps heard.


Baconsthorpe Castle, Norfolk – A former soldier who still patrols the battlements is blamed for the stones which are occasionally thrown into the moat, breaking the normally still waters.


Cromer Pier on the North Norfolk Coast has its own ghost, an Irish impresario, has been reported at the Pavilion Theatre, located on the pier, while ghostly members of a lifeboat crew have been reported on the wooden boards outside.


On to Binham Priory, again in Norfolk.  Legend has it that a tunnel linked the priory to the Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham some 3 miles away. The tunnel was said to be haunted by a tall Black Monk, who was also seen walking the length of the tunnel above ground on certain nights. It goes that the hooded figure appeared to be looking for something, turning his head from side to side and scanning around. The ghostly figure was believed to be evil and as such none of the village folk ever dared approach it.


Lyveden New Bield is an unfinished Elizabethan Summer House in Northamptonshire, another one that I have yet to post about……but it has a ghost.  In the ghostly shell of the unfinished building, local people and National Trust staff have both glimpsed a long-faced, bearded gentleman at one of the upper bay windows, yet the building was never finished and never had any floors, so how could he be suspended at that height.

This is just a sample of the many places that I have visited……and therefore I must conclude……. that there are only a few buildings……that do not have ghosts 🙂

Happy Halloween 2015

9 Replies to “Halloween – A Few Ghostly Places”

  1. Seems to me that Britain has more than it’s fair share of ghosts! But I suppose if you consider all the souls that have lived and died there it only makes sense that some stayed behind. Happy Halloween! 🙂

  2. All deliciously spooky! I don’t like the sound of the phantom of Binham Priory at all. He doesn’t sound much liike a benevolent monk! Interesting that Lyveden New Bield is haunted even though presumably it was never lived in.

    1. No Lyveden New Bield was never lived in, what you see now, it how it was left all those hundreds of year ago, so I’m not sure how the face could be looking out of the window, but then he could have climbed a ladder to see what the view was going to look like 🙂

  3. Lynn I am enamored with your photos of stained glass windows and would love to talk to you about your photos and if there is a market for them in NY NJ CT or Globally
    I look forward to hearing from you

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